Where does the event happen? Seibert Media GmbH
Luisenstraße 37-39
65185 Wiesbaden

When does the event happen?
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On-site ticket

Includes access to our online event platform.

146 currently available

793,00 € plus 19% MwSt.

Online ticket

Tools4AgileTeams will only be available online from 21.11 - 22.11.2024.
The Agile Night on 20.11.2024 will take place exclusively on site in Wiesbaden.

Please note:

this is a German-speaking event. The moderation of the mainstage will be in German. Some sessions will be held in English. However, we cannot yet determine how many contributions there will be.##

1987 currently available

49,00 € plus 19% MwSt.