RMCC Wiesbaden

Dec. 3rd – 4th, 2020
Begin: 16:00
End: 23:00
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Combined Tickets

Contains tickets for both Agile@Night and conference "Tools4AgileTeams"

€661.88 €479.00 plus 16% MwSt.

41 currently available

€661.88 €579.00 plus 16% MwSt.

230 currently available

€679.00 plus 16% MwSt.

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€5,644.03 €5,200.00 plus 16% MwSt.

Single Ticket

This ticket gives you digital access to the conference. Not only can you attend all talks and keynotes, but you can also actively participate in Questions & Answers sessions. The conference will be moderated, so you will always be informed about the talks and sessions that are currently taking place.

€49.00 plus 16% MwSt.

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